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Amr Saad: Shades of Gold

Creating unique, eye-catching optical frames from precious metals, the mysterious Amr Saad has certainly got the attention of Egypt's trendsetters. We take a look at his wearable art.

Amr Saad is a 32-year old artist who works solely with metal to create exceptionally original wearable art. Honing his craft in Italy, he’s now been at it for more than four years and his recent collection of both customised vintage frames and unique creations have caused quite a stir, with Egypt's trendsetters Cairokee’s Amir Eid and actress Arwa Gooda both having got their hands on a pair.

Created with real silver and gold, the collection works for both a sophisticated sense of style, with retro Cartier frames, updated with edgy additions, or for the fun at heart, with a pair of gold-plated wing shades.

Saad, inspired by the abstract mould works of Hermann Junger, also creates different accessories and jewellery using stones collected from Egypt, Jaipur and Sri Lanka.

When we ask him on the process of his creations he simple tells us: “I get started and then feel what needs to be done,” which paints the picture of quite an intense character, and frankly, a fresh of breath air in an art and fashion scene with an affinity to bloviation.

You can purchase items from Amr Saad through his Facebook, Instagram or website.

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