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Mohamed Hakem's Real Egypt

Having taken the internet by storm, we take a closer look at the viral sensation showcasing the authentic side of our country.

With so much detrimental news coming out of Egypt and on to the worlds' television sets, it's fantastic to see locals taking to the internet through artistic mediums to shine a more refined light on the country's places and people.

It's a light shone most exquisitely by photographer Mohamed Hakem. Whilst a million and one photojournalists have recently decided to follow a trend of showing "the other side" of developing nations, capturing shots of well dressed boys and girls living a more haute couture lifestyle in the likes of Tehran, Palestine and even Cairo, Hakem chooses to take shots of the real people and places of Egypt but with a certain mise en scene that gives them a surreal touch. Usually displaying his photos in a popular list format which has made them go viral, check out some our favourite snaps below and click here for the rest of his portfolio.

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