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Egyptian Designer Maram Borhan Brings High-Fashion to Wedding Season with ‘The Rose Gold Collection’

The haute couture collection blends traditional floral aesthetics, and invigorates them with modern hues and designs.

Maram Bohran Releases 'The Rose Gold Collection' An Ethereal Bridal Gown Collection

If you’re very quiet and listen very carefully, you might just hear many a couple’s bank accounts taking several hits. Yes, that's the sweet sound of wedding season. Wedding lore, however, dictates that money is no object during this most costly of all seasons, lest the bride looks anything less than their wildest dream of a Pinterest board - which is a very shaky segue to introducing a flower-dripped new collection by Egyptian designer, Maram Borhan.

The Rose Gold Collection features 12 haute couture dresses that boast almost ethereal, timeless floral patterns. Embellished with feathers, sequins, glitter and intricate embroidery, this chicest of Spring-Summer collections uses graceful hues of rose and pink tones that underscore the fine adornments.

As owner of The Boutique Dresses and a seasoned bridal stylist to boot, Borhan understands the demands of a bride more than most and with her latest collection, she walks the tightrope of tradional wedding garb with high-end fashion very precisely.

Created with fine silk, lace and tulle, Borhan has weaved the poise and power of a Russian ballerina, and the gentility and elegance of a blossoming rose. It's an all-round regal collection that has something of the classical to it, yet still stands as being exquisitely contemporary.

Check out more of the collection on the official Maram Borhan Instagram.



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